Coal Mill In Power Plant

Coal Mill In Power Plant

Specific application of Coal Power Mill

Introduction: The Coal Power Mill has a wide range of applications, so it has also been applied in the sulfur industry. It is a grinding equipment that integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. It is widely used for grinding and ultra-fine grinding of various solid materials.

At present, the domestic market demand for sulfur is about 2 million tons per year. Among them, the domestically produced 800,000 tons and the annual import of about 1.2 million tons can be said to be in great demand.

Sulfur is mainly used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, and daily chemicals. Because sulfur is easy to burn, the risk of grinding is high. With the demand for improved quality in all walks of life, the demand for sulphur powder is becoming more and more detailed.

The self-ignition temperature of industrial sulfur is 248 ° C ~ 266 ° C, the lower limit of combustion of sulfur dust in air is 35 g / m 3 , the ignition point is 190 ° C, and the finer the particles, the greater the concentration, the more explosive. This is due to the chemical nature of sulfur. Therefore, in the grinding, prevention of oxidative combustion is the key to the sulphur grinding process.

The Coal Power Mill consists of a transmission system, a grinding system, etc. The transmission system is generally driven by a low-speed motor through a pulley, and the transmission is stable and reliable. The grinding roller device of the grinding system is connected to the main shaft through the faceplate and the pin shaft, and the positioning device is control. The flame retardant device is used for the flammable and explosive products, specially developed for the flammable and explosive grinding system such as sulfur, aluminum-magnesium alloy and electrolytic manganese metal. The running cost is low and there are no vulnerable parts.

Sulfur grinding currently mainly uses impact pulverizers in China, but the mill has low output, high power consumption, severe heat generation, poor classification accuracy, and high operational risk. In foreign countries, jet mill production will also be used. However, the jet mill has a large investment, high power consumption, low output, large footprint and complicated maintenance. Therefore, the advantages of the Coal Power Mill are reflected at this time.

When the Coal Power Mill is used, the grinding force can be easily adjusted by changing the rotation speed or adjusting the spring force. The material feeding speed and the thickness of the material layer can be controlled by factors such as the angle of the inner wall of the wear-resistant lining, the gap between the grinding roller and the wear-resistant lining, and the flow velocity of the material outlet, which is convenient and easy to operate.

The grinding system of the Coal Power Mill is safe and reliable, has no oxidation and combustion phenomenon, and its fineness is adjustable. The fine powder can reach 90% of the 325 mesh classification accuracy, and it has no pollution to the atmosphere. It is a rare good machine. .

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